Direct mail: your not-so-secret weapon

Where others see a challenge, we see a solution

You’ve probably guessed by now that we’re big fans of direct mail.

Our love affair with direct mail started at the same time as the digital boom. We’ve always had a soft spot for the tangible experience provided by mail (we do make paper after all), so it only intensified once digital marketing took the main stage. 

These days, direct mail is a disrupter in the digital landscape—especially if you do it really well. And, when linked with digital communication, direct mail helps your message stick and your marketing work better than any other medium.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) sparked your interest in our favorite mode of marketing, we’ll help you actually make it happen.

The following articles take you through the undeniable awesomeness of direct mail, including the science of touch, how people feel about mail during the pandemic, and much more.

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