Handled with care

5 impactful ways to show care this holiday season

Here are five ways to care—all with one secret ingredient that is less about the gifts and more about the giving. (Spoiler alert: it's paper.)
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The holidays are packed. They’re full of cooking, eating, hosting, traveling, lists, lines, and yes—stress. But they’re also packed with spreading joy and care. Marketers wish to do the same, but reaching customers through the muddle of the merriment can be tricky. Here are five ways to show care for your customers this holiday season and throughout the year.

1. Send it through the (actual) mail.

There’s something undeniably exciting about opening your mailbox to find an elegant, colorful envelope with your name on it. Digital communication, especially during the holidays, can feel detached and superficial, so direct mail and personalized packages are the perfect way to connect with your customers anywhere in the world. In a holiday season that seems to move further away from human connection each year, paper is a deeply personal medium—no matter what you want to say.

2. Think outside the box. And inside the box.

One dynamic way to show care is by creating an unboxing experience rather than just having customers open a box. With all the print techniques and special effects that can be used on the coated surfaces of a box, bag, or any packaging material, there are ample opportunities to surprise and delight recipients. The act of unboxing can be a thoughtful gift within itself, because even when the contents of a package are wonderful, the entire experience loses impact if a gift arrives in a plain cardboard box.

3. A little gesture can create a big impact

During the holidays (and beyond) it’s often the little details that matter the most. The inherent sentimental value of a handwritten note from a dear friend automatically creates a greater impact on the receiver—sometimes moving them to keep a card much longer than a store-bought item. The same goes for brands. A thoughtful moment of customization can add serious value to a branded experience and make a customer come back for more.

4. Give a gift that keeps on giving

Rather than creating an experience with a one-time use, take this opportunity to make something that can be used over and over again. Our theory is that if you’re already using a box as a vehicle to deliver a gift, why not make the box worthy of reusing? Recyclable, high-quality wrapping paper and gift boxes can be repurposed as, well, more wrapping materials, charming storage, wall decor, or even gifts themselves. Because the only thing we love as much as caring for people is caring for the planet.

5. Chase tradition rather than trends

Don’t get us wrong, there is true value in acknowledging and following trends—but the holidays are the one time each year that the world tries to slow down. People take more time and effort to celebrate the things that matter and want to make sure family, friends, even strangers feel cared for. A brand that pauses on hot trends and embraces holiday tradition may be the most relevant of all during this season full of care.


The right paper makes it possible to care, fully.