The Sappi advantage

We’re the best at putting your goals on paper.

You probably don’t think about paper that much.

We do. A lot, actually. We’ve been helping brands harness the power of paper for more than 150 years. Quality paper is a key ingredient to delivering authentic brand experiences. It’s as important to your brand as type, copy, color and photography.

Where others see a challenge, we see the solution you’ve been searching for.

Just ask the neuroscientists. From glossy brochures to direct mail pieces, paper can offer unique advantages now more than ever before. But not every marketer is using it. Your competition might not think about paper that often, either, and it’s a missed opportunity. With Sappi, you can rise to the top of the stack by printing on paper that’s crafted from the highest-quality materials and optimized for exceptional performance.

We have it down to an art.
Full-color intensity
Our products are engineered to produce the brightest, most vibrant, yet balanced color, with optimal print contrast for results that pop.
Uniform color reproduction
Smoother, superior paper helps ensure every piece that goes out to a customer has the same impact—whether you’re printing 100 or 100,000.
Consistent press performance
Our rigorous tolerance standards and high-grade fiber paper lead to superior performance on press and greater efficiencies in post-press operations, saving you time and money.
And a science.
Advanced product engineering
Print technologies are constantly changing, and we keep pace to strategically develop new and improved products.
Focused research and development
We contract with high-end commercial printers and converters to test our products in the most demanding environments.
Long-term partnership
While other paper companies are forced to scale back their operations, we reinvest to improve quality, reduce manufacturing costs and allocate resources to reduce waste and stay viable.
Good just isn’t good enough for your brand.
Picking the right paper can mean the difference between going to the recycling bin and making a memorable customer connection. Make a stronger statement with Sappi.