Surface and aesthetics

Get surface level staying power

Coated paper produces and protects, helping brands stay consistent.
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Consistency is essential to good branding.

Sharp, high-definition design and images print better on coated paper. More vivid colors. Greater contrasts. Tighter lines. All of this is possible because coated paper has superior ink holdout.

This unlocks doors for your creative teams to impress customers with something visually awesome, but it also helps ensure every piece you print reflects your vital brand guidelines. Coated paper makes it easier to maintain a brand’s identifiable pattern of expression—and sometimes even build upon that identity.

The slider shows the same dot pattern printed on coated versus uncoated paper. The coated paper image reveals more vivid, concentrated colors and finer detail.

The brand stays in your hands, even when it’s in theirs

While on press, coated paper is doing its job to protect your brand identity. A uniform, high-holdout, coated surface keeps ink from unevenly penetrating into the paper. Non-uniform ink absorption can make one page look different from the next, with images that appear dull and less defined.

Plus, its larger printing color gamut means the range of achievable colors, hues, saturation and tones is wider than that of uncoated paper, offering you more options to bring what’s on screen to life. But coated paper keeps working hard even after the ink’s dried and the mail shipped.

Nothing can make a marketer’s heart drop faster than a mailpiece that gets scuffed, stained and torn when it’s sent out. A lot can happen to exposed paper between printer to post office to potential new customer.

Using coated paper is like giving your hard work a, well, coat.

Thanks to the coating’s protective properties, this paper is more resistant to wear and tear. Your brand has a better chance of arriving at its destination looking professional and crisp.


With coated paper, trust that what shows up on doorsteps is what went out the door.